Strength & Conditioning Facility

Welcome to the Eire Og Strength & Conditioning Facility

Eire Og, Greystones Strength & Conditioning (S&C) is an elite level S&C facility providing the highest level of training and oversight possible. We are located in Eire Og,Greystones GAA club, Mill Road, Greystones, Co. Wicklow and our services are open to our adult players, our development players, our non-playing members and indeed the wider community in Greystones and surrounding areas.

Please feel free to drop us a line and arrange to meet up!

Eire Og Adult Players

Our goal has been to create a fully operational Strength & Conditioning facility within Eire Og with excellent facilities operated by a highly experienced full-time Strength and Conditioning Coach. This unique opportunity allows for the comprehensive development of players S&C needs thereby giving the club the greatest possible competitive advantage in club championships. It is only when players and teams experience proper S&C coaching that they fully comprehend the full benefits of developing this critical aspect of the modern game. We look forward to building towards the future with our adult players in the club.

Team training is scheduled in conjunction with adult coaches and managers.

Eire Og Development Players (16-18 yrs old)

Besides being engaged to oversee our adult Ladies and Men’s Football, Hurling & Camogie teams S&C needs, Eire Og S&C is here to guide our development players (16-18 yrs old) in best practices for the development of their athletic capabilities and thereby aid in making Eire Og a more competitive force.It is critical that young athletes are given the proper oversight and education in relation to S&C training. Development players will have the opportunity to be coached through a progression to the highest level from the beginning of their time resistance training. Rather than leaving young boys and girls to their own devices where programming, technique and loading parameters are inevitably poorly met there is oversight and coaching throughout so that when they enter senior ranks they are already highly proficient in these aspects of training.

Eire Og Non Playing Members

We offer individually tailored and supervised fitness programmes for both men and women to account for any personal goals. Our clients demand results and we work with people who are willing to focus their efforts to achieve health and happiness. Whatever your personal goals are, Eire Og Strength & Conditioning will ensure you reach your target and obtain the strength, health and physique you desire.

All our members have a range of training times to choose from and receive as standard;

  • Mobility & movement assessment with corrective programming should there be dysfunction
  • Nutritional plans & ongoing oversight
  • Bi-monthly body composition & anthropometric testing
  • Strength, Speed, Endurance testing where relevant

Wider community (Non-Eire Og members)

All our services are available to individuals and groups in the wider community who are not currently members of Eire Og GAA club through our social membership option.

It is to be noted that we specialize in rugby players (especially development age 16-18yr old) off-season training blocks (April-August) for more information contact John below.


John Lane M.Sc., CSCS

John is the S&C coach at Eire Og Strength & Conditioning. He is dedicated to providing elite level strength and conditioning coaching to our adult players, our young aspiring athletes, and the wider community in Eire Og and Greystones. He delivers this with a personalized service that is rooted in the comprehensive knowledge needed to advance anyone, from the beginner to elite athlete, in their training requirements.

John has been engaged in strength and conditioning training for nearly 30 years. He has played rugby at both semi-pro and representative levels throughout his career including representing Leinster and Ireland at Schools and University level. He has been involved in S&C coaching for over 15 years. John has worked with many different individuals from professional athletes to models to people who aspire for greater health and well-being and physique improvement.

John holds an M.Sc and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength & Conditioning Association. He is passionate about delivering a top class offering by blending the tried and tested with newly emerging modalities in S&C, Rehab/Prehab and indeed Cognitive Science.

John lives and breathes inspiring individuals and groups to reach their goals!

Phone; 086-8657855