Club news 13 February 2017

Saturday ins na Clocha Liatha was a day in which winter asserted itself in no uncertain manner. It was a day, as one might say, out into which you would be loath to send your dog. Yet the Eire Og grounds were a hive of activity from mid-morning to the precocious twilight of the cloud-laden sky. A truly heartening scene.

Believe it or not the appalling weather did not deter (eventhough they must surely have been tempted) our hardy over 12 cailn from participating in their 1st outdoor training session of 2017. Such a commitment bodes well for their campaign in the year ahead. Maith sibh a chailini.
Next weekend Saturday the 18th all age groups will start back training at
shoreline sports centre on the astro turf pitches from 10.45 to 12.
As always new members are welcome to join – Failte roimh chach

Registration for all girls will take place at the end of February.
Age groups by year of birth are as follows:
U8s born 2009 and 2010, U10s born 2007 & 2008
U12s born 2005 & 2006 U14s born 2003 & 2004
U16s born 2001 & 2002
U14s will start their league debut in Dublin on the 25th of February.
We wish them well Go n-eiri libh, a chailini. The design of the new
jerseys for U12s and U14s girls is underway.

An focal Gaeilge meitheal refers to a gathering of people which was formed to carry out a particular task. In former years it was used to describe the coming together of neighbours to aid one another at busy times e.g. harvest when the workload would be beyond the ability of the individual farmer to complete in the given time frame. Such a meitheal was in operation at the ball wall for much of the day on Saturday. The wall per se which was the work of a contractor is only half the story. It would be of little use if the playing areas at the front and back were not player friendly. The work of the meitheal was to flatten these areas and to cover them with astro turf. By days end the work had progressed to such an extent that Mark Barry was belting a sliothar about testing its efficacy. Verdict: very little improvement required.

At 3 oclock u-13 footballers from Ere Og and Leixlip took to the field in a Leinster League game. The high chill factor induced by the strong wind and the intermittent spitting rain made for playing and spectating being anything but a pleasant experience. Many felt it bordered on cru-el-ity asking chaps to play under such conditions. However the lads did not seem to mind and served up a very entertaining game. The match was played on full-sized pitch with adult goals. This meant that significant progress up and down the field could only be made by long accurately delivered kicks and also that the goal scoring tally would be high.

The teams were evenly matched which, given the type of day, was most important as it ensured that the ball swung from end to end and that no player was left for long in freezing idleness.

A very enjoyable game which the Eire Og lads won. Maith sibh a bhuacailli.


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