Club news 19 November

AGMThursday 29thNovember, a date for the diary of Greystonians who have even a passing interest in GAA affairs in this area.It is the day of the Eire Og Greystones AGM which is scheduled for 8 p.m. in the clubhouse.

Why should you bother attending, you may ask, particularly as you have no interest in taking an active role within the club.Because (1) your presence would be a source of encouragement for the hardworking coiste (2) you will learn of the diversity of the clubs activities, of its development plans and of the hugely difficult task of keeping the clubs financial head above threatening waters (3) you may also find that you have constructive suggestions to make about the running of the club.Beidh failte mor romhat.

PEIL UNDER 20That the work, sanding etc., which has gone into bringing the pitches back to standard after the summer drought has paid off was clearly evident on Sunday when Eire Og played host to St. Nicholas in the quarter-final of the u-20 football championship.The sod like a garment wore a lush green verdancy which was accentuated by the beautiful sunlight.A scene to inspire the most languid spirit.

Eire Og won, 1-10 to 0-8, and its hat will now be in this weeks open draw for semi-final pairings.The semi-finals are provisionally (are there murmurings among the refs?) fixed for the weekend.At this age level and especially at this time of the year many of the players in the squad are being pulled in a variety of directions and their loyalty is under severe stress so there is great credit due to the lads and their mentors for having, to date, so successfully fulfilled their fixtures.They are very worthy of your support.Is fiu go mor iad bhur dtacaiocht.

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