Club news 25 June 2018

Thursday night last Eire Og played host to a team from Annacurra in the Junior C League Eire Ogs 3rdadult team.The comings and goings preceding the game, in keeping with its status, were casual and relaxed and the exchanges between players were pleasantly bonhomous.

Maybe its because of the lack of any great pressure on the players at this level that the panel is not tight on numbers?On this occasion the management of Daniel English and John Wynne (just about exiting from recovery after his stag at the week-end) were greatly encouraged to have 23 players with ages ranging from Leaving Cert to 40 to choose from.One was possessed of a feeling of rolling back the years as one watched the players take to the field.

The 1sthalf was quite closely fought with the hosts being slightly ahead at the break.However Eire Og, thanks in no small part to the leadership of veterans, Eoin ONeill, Paul Doherty and Willie OHagan, gained the upper hand and ran out rather comfortable winners. Gary Elliot, Brandon Byrne, Luke Bradley and Kurt Stark made significant contributions on the scoreboard.

In the post-match straw poll for MOTM award, Eoin ONeill who clearly raised his game against the team from his ancestral home was the overwhelming choice.

The team will play their final league game against Kilcoole in a fortnight before they commence their championship bid against Barndarrig next month.

PEILNA GCAILINIHolidays are at hand and the structure androutine of school time which is invaluable for getting the cailini together for matches and for training is at an end.In the relaxed atmosphere of the vacation with its multiple other activities, holidaying, Gaeltachtai etc. it is very difficult to get the cailini to focus on their football commitments.

The championships at u-14 and u-16 are due to commence in July and there are already strong indications that not only will many of our stronger players not be available for these competitions but that the club will have difficulty assembling the requisite 15 at both age groups.The management of these Eire Og teams feels strongly that it would make much greater sense to leave these important competitions until going-back-to-school time.

The u-12s travelled to Enniskerry on Thursaday to play the locals in the league.The Eire Og panel is a very young and inexperienced one and has only 3 players who will not be underage next year and these 3 were not available for this game.

As it turned out Enniskerry were in the same boat so the teams were evenly matched and this resulted in a very enjoyable and competitive contest with the final score being 2-5 to 2-2 in favour of the hosts.

At the beginning of the season Seamus Ahern worried about being able to field a team so he has been delighted to see his squad grow to over 30.On Thursday 26 players turned up and Seamus showed a mastery of logistics in ensuring that every cailin got the best part of 30 minutes game time.

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