Club news 4 March 2019

Senior hurling: Friday evening Eire Og were at home to Carnew Emmets in the senior hurling league. The weather conditions were such as to temper the pleasure to be derived from either playing or spectating a cluiche iomana. The wind which had a strength somewhere between stormy and gale force had a large bias towards the town end and exercised its anticipated influence on the game.  With its high chill factor it made the holding of the caman difficult and hence had the potential to downgrade stick skills but, fair play to the players on both sides, they faced up well to this challenge and the standard of the hurling on view attained quite a satisfactory level.  It goes without saying and, as is often added goes all the better for being said, that the outcome depended very much on taking full advantage of that wind’s help. Unfortunately Eire Og failed to do so and after playing with it to their backs in the 1st half they went in to the shelter of the dressing room at the break a few points behind. 

While the overall play in the 2nd half was quite even the visitors proved to be adept at knocking over points.  On the other hand eventhough our forwards had a good modicum of possession they just could not put this into effect on the scoreboard.

Which brings to mind that starting Friday evening the spectators will not be dependent on each other for keeping track of the score in games. A new electronic scoreboard is in place and will see its 1st use for the Eire Og ladies League match on that evening. 

U13 hurling: On the way into the pitch last Friday one encountered Ciarán ‘Mossie’ Gaskin who had just refereed the Leinster u-13 hurling league game between Eire Og and Monageer of Loch Garman.  He said that one had missed a cracking game of hurling. It was a referee’s dream in its sportsmanship, was closely contested -Eire Og lost by 2 points – and that there had been a very high level of skills on display.  In the course of the game one’s attention was caught by the large expanse of the nets behind the 4 goals in the grounds being pulled and dragged by the wind and by the sound of the generators servicing the hurling-quality illumination and one’s mind turned to the costs involved in the everyday running of a GAA club.  Add to this the cost of the servicing of the club’s mortgage and one cannot but feel for poor Cisteoir Larry Howard (pun intended!).  The Eire Og Lotto supplies an important stream of finance for the club and it can always do with new contributors.  If you are not already doing so you might consider joining

Strength & Conditioning: Besides the scoreboard the club has recently added a strength and conditioning gym to its facilities and most importantly has appointed the highly qualified S and C coach John Lane M.Sc. to oversee its use and to ensure that users follow an appropriate regime.  For non-playing members John will design an individually tailored programme.  The facility is open to the wider community through a social membership option.  Contact John at 086-8657855 or

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