Our grounds are officially called Páirc Mhic Shuain/de Barra in honour of John Barry and Tom Swan.

About Tom and John

John Barry and Tom Swan were the first two Presidents of the club.

Without these two men, it is highly likely that the club would not be where it is now. They were brothers in law. Current club President Ray Barry is John’s son. There are no Swan descendants.

Tom Swan and John Barry were an exceptional team complementing each other’s skills. Tom was a great fundraiser and money man and John Barry was a terrific organiser and keeper of records. Over the years, they kept things going through thick and thin. Through it all, these two men kept paying the rent, sometimes out of their own pockets. People came and went but the two men were the constant. It was their diligence that ensured the future of the club.

Development followed shortly with the building and opening of the first clubhouse in 1991 by Tom and John. Prior to that, progress had been slow but through their tenacity, commitment and dream they stuck with it to secure the patch of land that they had helped to nurture since 1934.

John Barry died in 1993 and Tom Swan in 1995. It is principally due to them that the modern-day club has a permanent base in the heart of the community in Greystones. They left a powerful legacy and it is a fitting tribute that we would name the grounds after them as Páirc Mhic Shuain/de Barra.