Club News 18 January 2021

Interview with U14 Camogie player Emily Farrell

Name: Emily Farrell

Age: 13 years

Club: Éire Óg Greystones

Favourite position on the team: Corner-forward

Best game you were ever involved in and why? U14 Wicklow Championship game against Avoca. It was a really tough game in the lashing rain and we had to work really hard, we had to do lots of ground hurling and really support each other to get the ball up towards the goal. The side line support was really positive and motivational that night. It was the game we really believed in ourselves.

Best game you ever watched and why? This year’s camogie final as Kilkenny won after years of trying and it gave everyone hope that if you keep trying, playing and believing you will get there.

Favourite player from your own club and why? Suzanne Behan because she can run so fast and jumps up quickly when she falls down. She’s also my coach at under-14 and is very supportive. Michelle Le May because she has a fighting spirit on the pitch and teaches me flute off the pitch where she is really calm.

Favourite Irish player and why? Anna Geary from Cork because I look up to her. She was extremely good at camogie and was very kind when I met her in Croke Park.

Your sporting dream for 2021? To make the U14 county final again this year as it was a brilliant experience and we learned a lot. I also hope we get to play together again this year in any capacity.

Favourite Subject in school? Geography, art and music.

Name something you like about your school? They have great sports facilities, it’s close to the sea and I love the library.

What would you like to do when you leave school? To be an architect as I like to design buildings

What do you love most about your club? I love the club spirit. Everyone supports each other and celebrates every teams wins but they are also there for the losses too to say something nice.

What improvements could be made in how your sport is organised that could help you enjoy it more? If we could play other teams in a half-way location when the distance is far away. Sometimes it is an hour and half journey to get to the match.

Favourite sporting venue in Wicklow? Éire Óg is my home club and I always enjoying playing there. Other than that Bray Emmets have a really cool set up.

Favourite sporting venue in Ireland? Croke Park and Nolan Park in Kilkenny.

Have you any peculiar habits before a game? I like it when the whole team puts their hurls into the centre and shouts ‘one, two three, Éire Óg’ before a game…I play better when we do that

If lockdown was a food what would it be? It would be burnt toast.

How have you found Covid-19 and how has it impacted your life? It’s made me think about the things I really value and it has given me more time at home.

I miss seeing my grandparents in Kilkenny and Cork and really miss seeing my Grandad as he is in hospital and I haven’t seen him in nearly a year.

If you were elected Chairperson of Wicklow LGFA/Camogie what would be the first thing you’d do or change? Have more matches and hopefully less travel to those matches by meeting half way.

If you could jump forward 20 years how would you hope you had lived your life on and off the field and what would you like to have achieved? I hope I got into College. I hope I didn’t give up playing through all the years and that I’m better at striking on the run and my first touch is sharper. I’d like to have won at least one county final.

What do you like about yourself? I’m determined and disciplined and try to do everything to a high standard. I’m also kind and try to help others in my team feel good about themselves.

What’s in your pockets right now? Nothing – I travel light.

If you have one wish right now what would you wish for? To see my Grandad and for camogie to start back training.